Swami's Reef and Surf

The Reef:

The reef at Swami's is a combination of large boulders, rocks and barnacles. There are 3 or more layers of reef that extends out into the break which gives Swami's it's sweeping rights that are so consistent. The reefs are fairly mellow but there are still some rocks and such that caution needs to be taken around.

One of the very inside Reefs at Swami's

At high tide, the reef is a good distance below the surface and shouldn't be a major cause of concern. As always, there are a few rocks and sections that may be a cause of concern but for the most part, this is a fairly safe and comfortable reef to surf.

At low tide, depending on the tide, the reef at Swami's can be very exposed. in fact, this reef can be an attraction for beach goers that would like to see marine life and collect shells. However, extreme caution should be taken when surfing Swami's at low tide, the inside sections can be only a few feet under water and could easily turn a good day of surfing into a trip to the hospital.

A fairly Low Tide at Swami's

The overview of the reef's from the bluff

Although most of the reefs are consistent of moss, grasses and sand, there are barnacles every once in a while that can cause some pain. My recommendation is to wear booties to alleviate the risk of these barnacles taking a hold of your foot. I have been surfing Swami's my whole life and have received about 20 cuts from the barnacles. They are not too painful but can often be an inconvenience when wearing shoes or sandals on the way home!

The Surf:

Best Tide: Low to Medium is best but a high tide can be awesome on a big day of surf.

Best Swell Directing: West and Northwest swells give Swami's that clean, lined up wave during the Winter months. South swells can be fun and rampy but not nearly as clean.

Best Winds: No wind is best but if any, a East wind will do wonders.

Best Size: Anywhere from 2 - 15 feet. Swami's can hold it's own in regards to size but make sure you're ready for a hard day of surfing.

Best Months to Catch it Going Off: From September to April when the Northwest and West swells stop giving us waves!

Swami’s is known for it’s ability to maintain a good shape from the smallest days to the monster North-West swells that pound the beach in the winter. Swami’s is a typical reef break with a point break hint to it. There is an outside section that are usually in charge of the set waves and do a very nice job of taking care of them. Following one of those set waves, it continues on to an inside point.

An amazing day of surf at Swami's surf spot

A set wave moving on to the inside point

At the inside point, the set waves, coming in from the outside, usually wall up and often become a tad bit of a challenge to push across. Depending on the swell direction and size, the outside point and inside point will either connect or be nearly impossible to make, you know how it goes, no wave is ever the same as the wave before. For that reason, a lot of individuals surf the inside point. This is also an awesome wave that is often very fast and full of fun sections and shoulders to gain some speed off of. If you have either surfed through the inside section from an outside set wave or if you just are taking off from the inside peak, make sure you watch out for the far inside section. It can get really shallow and really rocky very fast and could be dangerous if now paid attention too.

I have spent many years surfing the inside point at Swami's and have to mention that this is one awesome wave. It provides a huge variety of surfing in one wave. Whether you like long steep walls, challenging sections or the occasional tube, Swami's can offer it all. mind you that a strong North-West swell is needed to make this wave break it's best, Swami's seems to keep a pretty good lineup of waves even on the smallest days.

Great day of surf at Swami's

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